BeerMoney (BEER) Airdrop

2 min readFeb 15, 2022

The BEER token as a digital asset is a mosaic in Nem’s blockchain, its initial market cap is 400 million divisible in 6, and through the token burning model, it will be decreased to 80 million as the final market cap.

The token beer is the only one that combines two growing markets such as artisan beer and the cryptocurrency market, coupled with this 45% are used to repurchase tokens to the current market price which will be destroyed, thus building a collaborative and sustainable business model.

The average user is acquainted with establishments and businesses where they spend with traditional money, but all these changes with beer money Pubs, where you can pay your account with the token beer and also with other cryptocurrencies, so you no longer have to resort to Cash, you can also order your order through their mobile application and receive it at your doorstep.

Customers who purchase BeerMoney products and make their payment with the token BEER will receive special discounts; also, the Allied businesses that accept their token offer some benefits all this is possible by having a product on the market that Supports the value of the token.


Listed on:

💰Total Reward: 500,000 BEER
💰500,000 BEER will be shared among all the participants
(The more points/stakes you earn, the more rewards you will get)
💰Reward: 25 Stakes For completing all the tasks
👫For Each Valid Refer: 10 Stakes
📅End Date: 22nd February.2022
🏦Distribution Date: March.15.2022

📖 Step-by-step guide:
Do The Task:
👉BeerMoney Airdrop

🔹Complete all the tasks
🔹Submit your BEP-20 wallet address
🔹Submit other details on the bot.

✌Disclaimer: Please do your own research before joining any airdrops project.
✌Airdrop is 100% free. Don’t send any fee or penny for receiving airdrop tokens.
✌By Participating you are agreeing to Airdrop Program Terms and Conditions.

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