DEFIAI is a fully intelligent one-stop service platform. Users can complete a series of DEFIAI behaviors such as intelligent deposit, lending, leverage mining, cross-chain mining, grabbing headmine, automatic compound interest, etc. The strict risk control mechanism of DEFIAI can generate ultra-high compound interest when guaranteeing the users’ fund security.

DEFIAI aggregation yield deems “professionalization, efficiency, simplification, and transparency of digital asset AI” as a long-term mission, builds perfect and strict risk control the system within three years to furthest provide safe and convenient strategy service for users, and devotes to construct the ecological win-win strategy through data, engine, AI, etc.

Audit progress report by Certik

🎁100 random users would receive 100,000 in $DFAI token
💰10000 $DFAI reward for top referrals:
🥇 1st place: 5000 $DFAI
🥈 2nd place: 3000 $DFAI
🥉 3rd place: 1500 $DFAI
🎖 4th Place: 500 $DFAI

📅 End Date: 31st January 2022
🏦 Distribution Date: 1st February 2022

Do the task:

🔹Complete all the tasks
🔹Submit your BEP-20 wallet address
🔹Submit other details on the bot.

✌Disclaimer: Please do your own research before joining any airdrops project.
✌Airdrop is 100% free. Don’t send any fee or penny for receiving airdrop tokens.
✌By Participating you are agreeing to Airdrop Program Terms and Conditions.

💬Twitter: https://twitter.comDeFiAiOfficial
🤼Telegram Channel:

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